About the platform

We launched thoughts from us in August 2020 with the intention of creating a space and platform for the ‘ordinary’ young professional to vocalize their voices. Having these voices alongside the established role models in our opinion offers a refreshing source of inspiration, recognition and connection allowing for mutual learnings to take place. Now in 2021, we are still here for the young professional to celebrate success and growth along the way and not only at the end station. Thoughts from us is a platform where we share thoughts with ordinary successful people. There is no shortage when we talk about knowledge, inspiration and experience. These elements are precisely multiplied when we share them with others. Our platform shares and connects people in a multitude of ways. 

Starting in February we are experimenting with a new format and we are super excited. We will share our thoughts, reflections and inspirations around a couple of main topics related to personal development. We aim for our content to be inspiring and thought provoking. Personal development is always a privilege, being able to spend the time, money and energy on improving ourselves means we are beyond the stage of survival. Therefore, we hope that by sharing our journey here we can make personal development topics accessible and available to a wider audience. By sharing our own journey, inspirational sources and insights we aim at empowering all young professionals to invest in themselves. 

About Iris and Jessica

Allow us to introduce ourselves, Iris and Jessica. Friends since college when we both pursued an International Relations degree at the University of Groningen. We are seldom in the same country, but always connected! Our friendship is built on many meaningful conversations talking about life, our purpose, politics as well as our struggles with modern dating. Sparked by these conversations we generate many ideas and thoughts, and decided to take action. We realized sharing (our) stories and inspirations gives us energy and now we want to share it with an even larger audience. So here you have it, ‘thoughts from us’.

A platform where we aim to share, connect and inspire.

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