Thoughts from Pooja

What role does social media play in your life? Are you aware of the impact and time it consumes? Last year, 2020, gave Pooja a moment of rest, a pause, and in this blog she reflects on the impact of social media on her and her life. Curious to know how.. Read more!

Thoughts from Elisah

Elisah shares with us her number one inspiration.. the arts! As an art consultant she is in a position to influence peoples surrounding, office buildings and indirectly their daily life. What is her main takeaway as an art consultant? What is important to her? Read it here..!

Thoughts from Lidewij

In this blog Lidewij reflects on a moment of inspiration with a lasting impact on her daily life. What does it mean to do well in this world? Do our intentions matter as much as our actions? Read in this piece how Lidewij navigates some really big but important questions!

Thoughts from Iris

In this blog I write about my source of inspiration, which comes from a dear mentor to me. He made me realize that we always have a choice. No matter how difficult the situation is, there is always a choice. Cultivating this awareness has brought me many new discoveries, insights and experiences. Read more…

Thoughts from Jessica

‘If you want to travel fast, go alone but if you want to travel far, go together.’ In this blog I write about the importance of cooperation in organizations and daily life and the value of empowering people within their talents and creativity. Read more…